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Owners' protective professional indemnity
What is it?
Owners’ Protective Professional Indemnity (OPPI) is a specialist, project specific, Professional Indemnity insurance product designed to provide insurance protection to multi-parties providing construction services on a project against negligence inherent in any professional activities and duties performed by an Insured.

Policy coverage is usually provided on a longer term basis with extended claims reporting.

The product acts in combination with any other insurance maintained by
the insured parties. Often referred to as an umbrella, it sits above the underlying insurance policies, providing additional cover to the insured
parties. As such this provides ultimate protection to the employer and other stakeholders in a project.
Who should consider buying this insurance?
Any procurers of construction services, including private companies and government organisations, which are looking to secure additional insurance protection and/or offer insurance protection to their service providers should consider OPPI.

The cover provided is particularly relevant for groups of construction
service providers looking to increase their insurance protection on a
project-by-project basis.
How do we add value?
OPPI is a highly specialised product which we are well placed to arrange as a result of their industry-wide construction expertise.

The insurance market appetite for the product is relatively small however we have identified the key participants and have developed long term relationships with them. Cover can be arranged with them and bespoken to specifically suit our clients' requirements, based on the individual project concerned.

We have a number of core initiatives which provide tangible value to our clients' risk management process including:
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