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Medical malpractice
What is it?
Medical Malpractice insurance is a key issue for all organisations providing care and medical services to patients. In the UK there has been a growing trend to bring an action for negligence where individuals not always a patient perceive that a wrong has been committed against them. A claim can range from an actual error committed by a healthcare professional, to an allegation
of wrong doing that has an impact to the business and a personal impact to the individual member of staff who has been criticised.

Medical Malpractice / Professional Indemnity insurance will provide cover for our clients’ legal liability, their or their staff or their business entity for the actual or threatened claim for a bodily injury. Included within such a definition is in addition to bodily injury which gives rise to a negligent act, or error or omission:

– Mental injury
– Illness
– Disease
Who should consider buying this insurance?
Any individual or organisation providing medical or healthcare services requires Medical Malpractice insurance. This includes:

– Hospitals
– Day care and practice surgeries
– Walk in centres
– Triage call centres
– Dieticians & Nutritionists
– Doctors
– Out of hours patient care services
How do we add value?
FINEX Global Healthcare Practice places in excess of GBP 50m worth of premium annually and is seen by the specialist underwriters for this sector as one of the leaders in the industry. These relationships allow us to create competition for our clients' insurance business and often lead to securing terms not available through other brokers.

We will take a partnership approach to working with our clients and carry out an audit on their business to fully understand their unique organisational requirements so that our proposed solutions can match them.

We have a number of core initiatives which provide tangible value to our clients' risk management process including:
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