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What is it?
Cyber-ATLAS is a service designed to help protect your business from becoming a victim.

Cyber-ATLAS will equip your business to improve security, train staff in cyber-security and respond effectively to attacks. Cyber-Atlas provides a suite of solutions to assist businesses manage their cyber risks. One of its many unique features is the eLearning tool which after successful completion and obtaining a pass result in the assessment will qualify for Cyber-ATLAS accreditation which can lead to significant discounts on a cyber liability insurance policy.

Cyber-ATLAS is a comprehensive solution to address your cyber concerns. It comprises two packages:
Who should consider buying this insurance?
Cyber-crime is estimated to cost UK business £21 billion a year. Hacking attacks, loss of data, or inability to trade online could seriously damage your business – leading to loss revenue, loss clients or even business failure.

With this in mind Willis Towers Watson have developed 'Cyber-ATLAS', which is suitable for Sole Traders through to multi-national organisations. It is aimed at improving cyber security across an entire organisation, from the shop floor to the Board of Directors and its suppliers.
How do we add value?
Cyber-ATLAS brings together leading industry experts to provide the first comprehensive cyber-security toolkit for UK businesses.

For more information on Cyber-ATLAS view our brochure or visit: www.Cyber-ATLAS.com

Our specialist team also provides cyber insurance solutions for clients, both large and small, through a panel of specialist cyber insurers together with our own cyber insurance product – SCaN Protect.

Or you could have a go at trying to protect your business from incoming network invaders alone...
Just for fun.

In addition there may be limited coverage available within some existing insurance policies, for example Professional Indemnity insurance. The events that "trigger" a claim described in a cyber policy will be different to those events that "trigger" a claim in other policies. We would be pleased to undertake a "gap analysis" for you.
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