Market Security - Willis Towers Watson Online
Willis Towers Watson Online is our secure, customised web portal for our clients, offering simple and convenient access to
their risk and insurance information. Through this platform, our clients get real-time access to their insurance policies, quotes and claim reporting information as well as comprehensive market security data on the carriers relevant to them.

This includes:
   – Open items list
   – Shared library for important documents
   – Shared calendar
   – International policy summaries
   – Country insurance information
   – Industry and product newsletters and alerts
   – Comprehensive Market Security data
   – Electronic marketing submissions
   – Contact list and links

Willis Towers Watson Online triggers automated alerts whenever there is a rating action or market update, or when financials
are published, ensuring that our clients are up to date as events unfold in the market, no matter where the
client is located.

The tool also provides greater insight into the rating action, detailing the rationale behind the action. Also available are quarterly financial summary reports that detail current issues insurance groups are facing, along with any exposures or impairments. The reports include information on the stock price, Issuer Credit Ratings and Counterparty Credit.