Willis Towers Watson Quality Index (WQI)
The Willis Towers Watson Quality Index® is a unique offering that has been developed to capture, analyse and share vital insurer information with both our clients and the market.

The tracking of insurance performance is imperative to insurer selection. Our measurement of insurers is encompassed by the Willis Towers Watson Quality Index® which not only assesses the claims paying statistics of insurers but
also their wider service, including day to day underwriting, service and administration.

This offering is key to promoting superior relationships with our major trading partners globally, whilst enhancing our clients' ability to make better informed insurer choices. By sharing information with insurers, we are committed to raising standards and service levels for our clients. The Willis Towers Watson Quality Index® combines qualitative opinions
from the17,000 Willis Towers Watson Associates across the globe with quantitative data and measurements from our various tracking systems of insurance companies and their performance. Insurers are evaluated and ranked by
Associates on a five-point scale to record their views on four key areas of service, dependent on their
knowledge and personal expertise.