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Directors & Officers
The business world is constantly changing. Corporate scandals, amendments to worldwide securities regulations, increased shareholder awareness and extended rules on corporate governance have made being a company director in the 21st Century an increasingly difficult task.
The difference in today's world is that stakeholders have far greater forms of remedy against directors and there is an increased willingness to pursue claims against them. Whether or not the director is ultimately held liable for such claims, the defence costs associated can be extremely expensive and the process can take up months or even years of a director's valuable time. In practice, once a claim is alleged against a director for any wrong doing they have two sources of protection – they can either turn to the company to seek indemnification or they can seek assistance from their Directors' & Officers (D&O) policy.

Our D&O Practice has long been acknowledged as an industry leader. Our depth of market experience and technical expertise that has assisted us in providing our clients with competitively priced and innovative D&O insurance programmes, which provide broad coverage bespoke to the individual client’s needs.

Francis is an Executive Director in Willis Towers Watson' FINEX Global, where he specialises in insurance for Directors & Officers (D&O) of companies. He joined Willis Towers Watson in 2010 and has 25 years of experience as a leading litigation lawyer specialising in professional indemnity, financial institutions and directors and officers liability in the London insurance market.

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